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Howdy all. Hope the year is starting out ok. Hope that you survived 2016 mostly intact. I understand for some, it was a pretty good year even accounting for a lot of the upfront losses there seemed to have been. I'm glad that you guys are doing well.

As for me? I know I had been poking people to update this thing and then I went and slowed down/stopped myself. Part of that was being tied up in my own things and lacking the brain to write stuff down. A lot of things have been going fairly well for me lately. New supervisor at work means better job stuffs. I'm getting to feel better about my job and about what it has to offer and what I have to offer it. Relationships are going really well. I feel truly blessed. Home stuff has been going well too. Lots of sorting and cleaning and adjusting. And the holidays didn't add too much extra moving parts to that, which has been lovely. Finances have been stabilizing in large part due to embracing a budget and being smarter about my spending along with the knowledge that at least one regular bill will be ending soon in the coming months which will give me greater leverage over the rest of them. Lots of other good things I'll talk about soon. Mostly just want to say that the last quarter of the year in my corner of it hasn't been too bad all things considered.

The other parts about not posting come from not knowing what to say about all the has been dumped on us these last several months. Lots of negativity and lots of changes that will affect us for days/months/years to come. Not sure I know what to say about all that knowing that in some part, I am privileged in a way that some of these things won't directly affect me. But it will affect people I love. It will affect lots of you in lots of ways. I'm here to support in what ever way I can, and I'm also doing little bits as I am able on my own to speak my voice and to enact my will towards making things better. I think there is a desire to wonder what my little bits will do, but in seeing some positive changes in my budgeting lately from what seem like little but cumulative changes has been a good reminder that every little bit helps even if just to maintain momentum.

Momentum is an important thing. Inertia is science! It not only applies to the physical world, but to society and our lives as well.

I hope that in spite of all that's been out there that your year has been more good than bad, and I hope that you are able to find your own momentum to continue to make your own corner of this place the sort of place you want it to be.

Love you all.

More soon!

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