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Wow.. what a whirlwind week and weekend. Busy busy busy! Dates with sweeties, an anniversary celebration, and work! (of course)...

Wednesday, C and N and I went out to the Triple Door to see Pomplamoose, the YouTube sensation. Their show was really great! It was nice to see them and support them. Even with all the recent fame, they seem really gracious. And the music of course was wonderful.

Thursday, N and I hung out and enjoyed each other's company over fajitas and Terra Nova.

And Friday... well... at some point I may talk about Friday.. but for now lets just say I embarked on a new and exciting adventure!

Saturday, I trekked into work to take care of some after-hours work, and ended up running into a huge snag with one of our planned upgrades. Will have to reschedule the upgrade to another time, and figure out why our sales rep screwed up. Not the end of the world, but it would have been nice for it all to have worked. Still got a lot of other pieces finished, and am happy with that.

That night, C and I enjoyed each other's company at Toulouse Petit to celebrate our 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Hard to believe it has almost been 6 years. The official date is November 3rd, but with work being what it is, we opted to schedule it in where we could. Dinner was lovely, and we amused ourselves people watching as various costumed peoples wandered Queen Anne Ave in search of their parties. Along with the usual swath of fairies, and devils and sexy secretaries and what not, we saw the entire cast of the Wizard of Oz, and a very drunk but cute Mario Brother with her Luigi companion. We also saw a Red Neck, a Rabbi, and a Mariachi Band Member walk into a bar. *ba-dum dum.. ching!*

Today, I spent a good part of the day on my own while C was off practicing Mass, and I got a bit of house cleaning done, a little more piano sight reading (along with an attempt at an arrangement for the main theme from Up!), and laundry.

Hopefully tomorrow will be good. We have a busy week coming up planning the move and getting various other preliminary projects sorted out. Things haven't been going as well as they should, so it will be interesting how things go.

What did you do?
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People often ask me, in that I tend to hang out with people from various esoteric and sometimes semi-religious groups, if I am spiritual. In the sense that most people think of it, I generally say that I am not, or that I am "different". Having had a significant road of travel to my atheism, I don't really hold to the power of $deity or any supernatural forces. As people will say they've seen their path to $deity, I too have seen a path.. without it. If there are gods out there, I firmly believe that they look down on us mirthfully and with their proverbial hands over their face trying to understand why it is that we have it so backwards and upside down.

That aside, since I could go on and on about it, and may in another post, one of the things that humbles me and enlightens me is the human spirit as viewed through creativity. This extends to art, media, invention. Beholding that which seemed impossible or improbable and seeing it done. Seeing the fruits of one's potential extended beyond what any average person would do.

So, as I like to joke, I went to church this weekend. I spent several hours with C in Woodenville at the Chateau Ste Michelle Winery on Saturday listening to the sermons of Bela Fleck and the Original Flecktones and Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers.

I've been quite familiar with Bela for a while now, and I've had the joy of watching him and/or the band perform several times since I've been up in the Seattle area. However, up until recently, it had just been the three: Bela Fleck, the man who takes banjo to places it's never been, Victor Wooten, who makes playing the bass look as effortless as tying one's shoe, and "Future Man" Wooten, who with his Synthaxe Drumitar, takes percussion to places out of this world. Recently (or at least since the band has been back out this way), they teamed back up with Howard Levy, an original founder of the Flecktones, and with him comes his virtuosity with keyboards and harmonica. Most of the early albums I had feature Howard wailing on harmonica and using techniques to bend and slide notes that will make your head spin. And I always appreciated what he brought to the keyboard side of things. Seeing him do it live takes it to a whole new level. At one point, while he was off riffing into some really interesting piano stuff during a solo, Bruce Hornsby popped out from the back and "took over" playing.. one hand at a time, taking over the right hand while Howard continued the left. Then sliding to the left as Howard continued the right, the improvisation continuing flawlessly as they traded halves.. back and forth. Left and right. Crossing over. It was brilliant! The band played a few Flecktones standards as well as stuff from their new album. Bruce joined them again later for an ensemble piece playing accordion. Wonderful stuff.

Bruce came out later with his band. I've never known Bruce much beyond what hit the top pop charts and radio play. But the one thing that got me, prior to the concert while they were doing sound checks, was listening to the band play a song called Levitate. It is a bit of a rap song-ish R&B thing layered on top of Thomas Newman's strings and piano theme from the movie, The Shawshank Redemption. Being one of my all-time favorite movies, hearing the melody of the music got my ears perked up, and then listening to what Bruce layered on top of it blew my mind. I can only imagine what it would have been like to see him rise to what is now his obvious level of comfort and ease on the stage. He undeniably owns it and yet seems humble enough to share it with an amazing crew. Playing various things that got the crowd up on their feet and dancing, he also played his revision of his hit, Mandolin Rain, which took me for a bit of a loop. Being one of those radio-played hits, I'm familiar with the song and the lyrics, and to hear the lyrics of the song which are so familiar to a totally different tune left me a little bent, but amazed at the same time. I decided that I clearly need to dig deeper. I've missed a whole swath of music that I need to investigate further. I also consider myself blessed that I got to catch it live. :-)

Towards the end of the set, Bruce called the Flecktones back to the stage and the entire group played Weather Report's Birdland to a standing ovation.

It was a great night! And the wine didn't hurt too much either. :-) We opted to bring a bit of a picnic since we had lawn seats, and ended up enjoying good bread, cheeses, olives, and various meats with our wine. Worked out nicely. :-)

Join my church. We have wine and mind-blowing music. :-)

The remainder of the weekend was spent doing various things. C had obligations for much of Sunday, and I just didn't feel up to the trek to Enumclaw for the Highland Games, so I opted to stay in and work on things that needed to be done, but were otherwise not chores. I got my file server pieced together and up with temporary drives and it seems to be doing well. I tossed it my online collection of TV and Movies, and it seems to be serving them like a champ.

Also played both Friday night and Sunday afternoon on Oblivion and got several piles of quests solved along with continuing to learn that as I wait longer in game-time to finish things, my advanced levels work against me by throwing some seriously kick ass leveled monsters my way. I'm formidable, but I'm not yet a bad-ass. There is something amusing through about trekking across map on foot, headed for my in-game house in search of refuge while being chased by guards, animals, wizards, and other baddies... passing new camps of enemies and having them join in as I race by... some giving up.. others continuing.... and having an NPC trek with me only to appear bedside after I hide and sleep, to tell me that he thanks me for my efforts which resulted in the long run in the first place. :-) This go round on the game is definitely more interesting than my previous attempts.

All in all, a pretty nice weekend, and the week appears to be starting fairly well too!

How was yours?
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This weekend I was busy busy busy!

Friday night, and I took in the latest Pirates movie. Enjoyed it a fair bit even though it didn't do well, or so I read, in the eyes of the critics. Penelope Cruz as an addition never hurts too much. I'm kinda fond of that gorgeous diminutive Spaniard. :-)

Saturday morning, I got the opportunity to walk my first labyrinth. [personal profile] solcita and I trekked to the one at Emmanuel Episcopal Church on Mercer Island. I don't know much about them in terms of how to describe it meaningfully, but what I did like about it was the fact that the neighborhood is fairly quiet, and it made the experience really nice. I'll have to walk a few more to come up with a meaningful opinion, but I enjoyed the opportunity to slow everything down and focus.

The rest of the morning was spent out at the Ballard Locks. I had never been, and S was happy to join me for the tour. It is interesting to me to take in some of the local history. Part of me is still accustomed to taking New Mexico history for granted, and I forget how much of the local history I still don't know. How much things have changed. How things were founded and such. We also spent a lot of time drooling on the sailboats that locked back and forth and day dreaming about spending time on one at sea.

We lunched at Cafe Mox, which, for those of you who don't yet know it, is a small cafe next to what I think is one of the coolest card/table game stores around called Card Kingdom! Lots and lots and lots of games and neat stuff, and the cafe has really good food.

After shuttling S home, I spent some down time reading at Cafe Vita on the Hill in anticipation of Horizon Oasis' last gnostic mass at their old space. C was deaconing. That was nice too, and we spent a lot of time socializing afterwards which is something I've really needed. We packed up a few last things and prepped the mass equipment for the move.

Amid all this, [personal profile] peacerebel was taking in the new dueling piano bar in Bellevue Square with her family. I hear it is very cool and I'll have to drag her back there soon!

Sunday, C and I headed over to the temple again to help with the move. We managed to get things shuffled fairly quickly, and broke for lunch at a place nearby to the new place called Loredos. Interesting place. Seems to cater to a young crowd, if the music playing was any indication. We walked into what must have been a 80's-90's hip-hop revival which later mutated other places. I was amused. Food was pretty good, though for as slow as they were that day, our dishes did take a long time to come out. When they serve you large bowls of chips for the salsa as appetizers before the meals arrive, and you start to make it to the bottom of the bowl, that's usually a bad sign. EH... We'll see how it goes.

After lunch, and pretty much spent, we headed home and relaxed for the remainder of the evening. Caught about the first hour of the Tony awards and kinda gave up after that. Not sure if it was just fuzzy brain, or just exhaustion from the weekend, but I decided to spend more time reading and getting to bed relatively early.

Overall, very productive out and about, and got to see people I don't get to see very often. Body is sore, soul is happy. :-)
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Relatively long week. But finally coming to a close.

The cold progresses. Had a dust incident at work that kept everything a little extra cranky, but I think we're getting there.

In other interesting news, I may have found a replacement truck! One year older, about the same amount of comparable miles as my last one, it appears to be in good shape, and it would appear to meet my needs. Hitting the dealer tonight to take a peek at it.

Also in preparation for technology presentations they're making at our annual sales meeting in Vegas next week, I've had in my hot hands 3 iPads, a Windows 7 Tycoon tablet, and Verizon's version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The only one I saw potential in was the Galaxy Tab. I could consider one of those if my greater plans for bigger and better don't pan out.

I also spent time up on the roof of our building helping to dismantle one of our satellite internet dishes. We've been testing one as a back up internet solution and are shipping it off to its final home at one of our distribution centers. Fun!

Weekend will be one of rearranging, cleaning, Good Will donations, and possibly a trip to IKEA depending on the disposition of above mentioned truck. Not much beyond that. And I'm good with that.

And regardless of truck, tonight is a date night! YAY!

Have a good weekend. :-)
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Finally working on that post-production letdown phase where I've got that thing where it feels like you were running full speed towards something, you arrive, and then slam on the brakes and feel yourself tip forward into someplace new because the road you were on suddenly ended.

Not that I don't have a new road or plans and places to go.

I just miss the journey. And the regular contact with the peeps. Besides Facebook. :-P

But I am looking forward to new journeys. :-)

Got to finally spend some extra quality time with my sweetie this weekend. The venue sucked, but the company was great. :-) I have come to understand that my Sobakowa pillow is non-negotiable, and that really soft beds are good for making me not want to sit upright in the morning. When the cold floor feels better, there is a problem. :-)

Lots of progress on house organization. Got most of the prop stuffs re-organized/put away, and only have out what I need for what is left of the Halloween stuffs. I'm also getting to play with a little bit of electronics as part of my costume, which is kinda cool, so I'm having fun with that too! But the spare bedroom got a good reorg, and now I have room to store the stuff I've been storing in the hall, in the livingroom, in the bedroom.. etc ...etc.. etc... And best of all, I'm not really taking up that much more space in the spare bedroom. Just re-purposing unused space from before. Makes me happy!

So we'll see how things go. Going to see Bone Poets Orchestra this weekend. Been AGES since I've seen them and really miss them. And since I know another band member a little better these days, I have that much more incentive to go. :-)

All in all, this week looks pretty good. :-) Hope yours is as well!
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Enjoying the afternoon at home with C chilling out unwinding from a very long but beautiful weekend helping perform the Rite of Mercury in Portland. Both shows went very well and we were extremely well received. Makes me very happy.

On to Seattle! Our show there will take on a bigger form and it should be very amazing. You should come!

In other news, my other love is home from her long stay in Cambodia and I finally get to see her again!!

Makes for a very nice extended weekend, and looking forward to a good week next week.

May you each have a safe and fun remainder of your weekend.

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