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More zoom!

Say what you will, but in my life, Valentine's Day aint got nothing on the start of Fall for all those loving feelings.

Two anniversaries celebrated and two lovely weekend outings. Things are good!

Another lovely thing with the Fall is the cooler weather, which means that the bread baking books come back out. I've put it off for a lone time, and I miss it. I will be baking out of this book -


The temp change also means I can start working on the re-seasoning of the poor cast iron that has been suffering. I have oil on order, and am looking forward to that process too.

It also means that it is time for stews and other lovely winter dishes. I'm excited for it all, and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

Now in the new space, we'll need to get a new tree! I'm excited for that too. :-) We've already started collecting new ornaments, and I'm looking forward to other related decorations and things.

All the little things continue to come together, and things are improving.

Health seems ok. I seem to be battling allergies or a cold that just won't let up. It doesn't typically bother me much during the day, but I notice I'm stuffy and sneezy in the mornings. I've also noticed that I seem a lot more... for lack of a better word.. broken lately. Not so much with specific things wrong, but I experience fatigue and also battle with muscle aches and pulls that I haven't ever had before. I think it is time to up my game a little exercise and movement wise, so we'll see if that makes a difference.

It also continues to be time to push myself with regards to my Fitbit. I have a $100 piece of hardware I wear around my neck almost every day, and typically other than the habit to wear it, it doesn't serve any greater purpose. That needs to change.

Does anybody want to help follow that might have a Fitbit?

This coming week looks to be fairly mellow, which is preferred. I think I will work on some bread this week, and hopefully some more shuffling of all the stuffs.
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So since i haven't posted anything of substance here in ages, I should play a little bit of "catch-up". And I think I'll do that over the course of various topical posts.

Today, I wanted to talk about how while I'm not usually one for New Year's resolutions, this year, my efforts of various change are oddly coinciding with this end of the year.

I believe this is in large part due to being exceptionally busy for the past 6 months and really not having enough in me to pick my head up far enough to do the assessment and evaluation necessary to make significant change. The end of the year just provided a slow-down point where I've decided to now implement various things that had "been on hold".

Among them was buying and using a Fitbit. A fitbit is an electronic pedometer which can also track stair climbing that syncs to your computer and uploads to a website that can keep track of your stats. There is also a social component where you can share part or all of your stats with "friends" in order to build a tribe sense.

I've had mine for several days, and I think the advantage over run-of-the-mill means to track movement and fitness is that this device makes it easy to keep track. It takes a bit of the manual process out of it. And, speaking for myself, taking away some of the tedium of manually tracking things makes it more appealing.

And on the whole, I think the entire process begins to work because it raises awareness. And if you subscribe to the social part of it, it creates a "tribe" of folks looking out for each other and providing motivation and support to continue down a preferred path. That, too, makes it appealing.

As for how its worked for me, the awareness of it alone has already had me deliberately trying to increase my step count by avoiding elevators or unnecessary driving. And in some cases, eschewing the "shortest distance between two points" mentality. I get to see my progress throughout the day and it reminds me to move a little more. Which, even at this stage, is what I need.

I've also been trying to get into the habit of food tracking. There are lots of places to do that, and I chose MyFitnessPal which also integrates with Fitbit. I find that if I am honest about what I eat, and track it as diligently as I can, the simple awareness of it has me choosing better foods, and I find it easier to resist things I shouldn't eat when I know I'll have to track them later. At this point, it isn't perfect, but it's progressing.

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