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so I think it is time to get my proverbial ducks in a row. Some of that is researching alternatives to easy tools that Facebook offers. Others involve making sure that people I care about know how to find and reach me. And ultimately, I think it will come down to finding a way to completely remove my feed in such a way that if I'm going to go see what someone is up to, it will have to be a very deliberate action. No more mindlessly scrolling and hitting "Like".

Another piece of that is reaching out to people I care about directly to get other means to contact them and talk with them. It's all well and good that we have this little place where we all go to paste our stuffs, but real human interactions seem better.

I like the "invite everybody on my friend's list to coffee" idea, though I'm not entirely sure how realistic it is. But I'm game to do aspects of that. It also reminds me that I have to get my own personal ducks in a row so I have something to talk about during these dates. :-) Fortunately I tend to live my life in a way that promotes interesting things either directly or tangentially. I just have to remember to step back far enough to see it and be willing to relate it to people who don't live inside my head. :-D

But more to come. Along those lines, if you're reading this and care to be able to reach me in other ways, send me a message. I can likely hook you up.
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Part of my frustration with Facebook is the whole concept of how they treat their users, how they handle our data, and the fact that the more you add into it (and the more you personalize it) the more is available to be mined and sold or just openly shared with anybody with the ability to read the Facebook cookie. It is a little disconcerting to visit an altogether different website and suddenly have a side window populated with various facebook friends denoting that they've been here too! and any comments they may have.

I'm all for being social. That is my other frustration with leaving Facebook. A lot of people have gotten accustomed to using it to the exclusion of other things they may have used in the past. And on some level, when I finally do pull the plug, it does mean I'll be out of the loop of a lot of things. And that does bum me out a little.

But ultimately, I want to back companies with better ethics. Companies with better ideals. Places with a slight better idea of security and privacy. Places where I don't get my nose rubbed in the fact that to some degree, privacy on the web is a myth. A place where no means no. This is the same reason I won't give money to LiveJournal anymore. I much prefer how dreamwidth does business, and will continue to give them my business as long as they choose not to sell out.

I've been following Diaspora for a bit, and while they aren't ready for primetime, it appears there are alpha-build, functioning unofficial pods out there now. Not that I'm dying to dump tons of information into them just yet (or build my own), but I really appreciate what they stand for. I like the ideals. I like the concept. And once they really get going, I'm going to really enjoy participating.

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So I'm going to preface this whole post by saying that maybe these are observations that I make are only relevant to me, and that this really never happens to other people. I really kinda doubt it, but I figure for the sake of giving people the benefit of the doubt, I should at least state that these are my opinions based on my experiences. Your mileage may vary.

That said and out of the way, one of my latest peeves with regards to social networking, and in particular Facebook lately is the fact that there are people who seem completely willing to participate in the sense that they will post their brains out about anything and everything, but will never comment or communicate with anybody else. To me, Facebook is a place to interact with people you know, particularly those you don't necessarily get to see very often. A place where you can read about people sharing things in their lives and responding to them and showing interest as appropriate. It is a two-way participatory street. Not following through with the two-way part starts to make it less social, and for me, less desirable. And yes, for me, the "Like" button is reasonably sufficient. It at least tells me you read something, and decided to reach out to me to tell me that you enjoyed or otherwise related to what I posted. Even snarky comments are welcome. :-)

That's not to say that people should have to comment to everything or that I expect people to always have something to say about something I might post. But the fact is, if you're on my list, I have some sort of interest in you and your life, and very likely, I will respond to you as you talk about things going on in your neck of the woods. Not only is it polite, but from my perspective, I WANT YOU TO KNOW I'M INTERESTED. I want to commiserate. I want to offer my sympathy. I want to get excited with you. I want to invite you to share something with me or respond to your invitations. I want to interact with you. And obviously, I want you to interact with ME.

And hey.. there are people that I have on my list that don't spend a lot of time on Facebook. They'd rather get off their duff and live life and come online occasionally to share what crazy thing they are doing with their few free moments before they dash off to the next. I don't expect those people to have the time to interact with me on any frequent level. They have an excuse. But those who spend a lot of time "playing" on Facebook, but not a lot of time reaching out are starting to drive me a little nuts.

Pruning is in progress. And I will add that most of those of you who read my journal entries (or that I spend time bantering with on Facebook) are happy to interact with me, so fear not!

I just know that I'm becoming sensitive to this growing social issue where we are falling rapidly away from a social tribal society to this delineated, pigeon-holed existence where it seems socially inappropriate to reach out to people. To smile at and wish a stranger a good day. To introduce yourself to someone you see regularly but do not yet know. To share a moment with another being outside yourself and your bubble. And I for one don't like it.

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