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Was contemplating life in the shower this morning. Going over my year theme again.

I was realizing that I haven't been willing to commit to any big projects or new significant adventures in large part because I seem obsessed with trying to finish up the old ones. Tie up the loose ends. Spring cleaning, as I had mentioned it would probably be.

Anything from finally dealing with nagging health issues to getting the house more visitor friendly, to fine tuning the finances, to trying to find a better way to organize my socks.

Obviously, life being what it is, it is difficult to just do that. There are always new things coming. New issues. New problems. New opportunities. New cool stuff.

So it is a bit of a balancing act day to day. But I'm happy to report that there continues to be progress, and plans for further progress as things go. It may not be coming as fast as I'd like it. And like I say, life "gets in the way" sometimes. Though that is also part of the fun, if you let it be. I need to let it more often. :-)

Anyways, I blather on about all this to mention that as I was contemplating this stuff this morning, I realized that it is happening around me too. Specifically, I was thinking, at work. We had a bit of a departmental regime change at the beginning of the year (imagine the timing of that), and as a result of that, we're going through and updating how we do things, and looking to "spring clean" departmental process and tools. It isn't without the struggles and challenges of any cleaning and organizational process, including the "But I don't WANNA throw that out!!", but the goal is good. The means are workable. And the end certainly justifies them.

Now if I could just stop sneezing from all the dust!
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I can't recall if I did a mid-year review of my annual proclamations. I seem to recall posting about my feelings about things around my way, but I don't remember if I spoke directly to my year-end posting.

For Review:

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