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So in describing my weekend, it bears mentioning that my Friday had a very early start.

Last time around for part one of Deathly Hallows, I managed to snag premiere day tickets at the Pacific Science Center IMAX which coincided with the then tour of the Harry Potter Exhibition. It all came together very nicely.

This time around, tickets were a lot more scarce, but there were a few hours available, including 5:30am on Friday morning. This for me would be prior to work that day. Nobody was crazy enough to join with me, but from the look of the theater, I wasn't the only one who was a little off their rocker to be up so early. I believe that showing finally sold out.

Roughly 30 of us were lined up outside the ticketing gate of PacSci at about 3:30 that morning. We swelled to 50ish when they finally let us down to the theater at about 4:30. We got our nifty 3D glasses and proceeded to wait for almost another hour in the long twisty line that some of you may remember. As the original group of us waited at the front of the line, the twists filled up 3 levels deep, and by the time we were finally admitted to the auditorium, we were several hundred.

Oddly, I didn't see a lot of costumes. I didn't opt for one myself. But typically you see a lot of that on an opening weekend. Did see a young gentlemen, whom buzz from the crowd I overheard lost a bet and was in a sailor's costume. A sexy female sailor's costume. Beyond that, it was mostly regular folk.

The movie itself was brilliant. I won't elaborate too much on plot because it follows the book fairly faithfully. There were a few tweaks here and there, but the overall plot was the same including several moments I really enjoyed in the book. Things came to a nice close. I will say the movie was rather intense, as any fan following along would expect, but it really did justice to the rest of the series and left it in a nice resting place.

One last thought... I saw it in 3D, since that was my only option for this venue. I've never been much a fan, and it generally serves to be a distraction to me more than a feature. This time was no exception. Ah well. Someday.
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So would I be crazy to consider a 5:30am showing of Harry Potter opening morning, before work? :-D

Or for that matter, a 12:45am showing the following morning..

All the normal times are sold out. At least... where I want to see it, which is the IMAX at PacSci.
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And no.. I don't mean Eleusyve..

But rather the fact that October 23rd will see the opening of TWO.. count them TWO! exhibitions that will interest people far and wide in our little merry band of travelers.

First, at the EMP, Cylons will touch down, and the Battlestar Galactica exhibition will be arriving. Frak me!!

Second, at the Pacific Science Center, polish your broomstick!  Hogwarts will land in Seattle with the Harry Potter Exhibition.  Exhibits for wizards and muggles alike.

Yes I am going.

Yes you need to come with me.

YES..  It is going to be awesome. :-)

NO.. we don't have to go opening day.  But let's do plan a day or two.

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