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Beautiful Pacific Northwest Fall weather out there, folks. A slight chill on the air, filtered light which accentuates the evergreens and the yellows from the deciduous plants and trees. Fall has definitely fallen. :-)

Now if I could just spend the morning snuggled up under the covers... Ah well.

And now for your Monday cover. I really enjoy covers a lot, and thought I'd go digging for ones to post on Mondays to start the week off.

Eric Calderone aka EROCK keeps popping up in my cover searches. He does masterful metal covers of all sorts of things. I really appreciate his talent and his creativity, and his willingness to take his musicianship all over the place. :-)

Here's one that puts a new spin on a popular favorite.

Enjoy your Monday!
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I have always had a fascination with musical covers. Generally I like them when they stretch the genre, or even when they fall into whole other genres.

Hayseed Dixie falls into this class. I always imagine them sitting next to Tickle from Moonshiners somewhere in Florida sucking on a jar of his finest.

Sometimes, I'll obsess on a tune, and go hunting for covers of it specifically. That tends to be interesting.

Lately, I did that with a tune called Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock. For those at least dip a toe in the jazz world, you may recognize it out of this version where Herbie does what Herbie does.. :-)

More covers here! )
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I will get my butt in the seat and start knocking back a few of these.

This is a jazzy version of the Picard's "Inner Light" theme for you TNG fans.

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... but The Latin Fab Four?

Gratuitous conga and brass hits!

Salsa covers of the Beatles is a weird thing.. even for me.

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