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So for those of you that follow both my journal and Kimberly's, we decided last night to offload her little munchkin freeloader. :-)

Max seems to be settling in ok. Very curious, very loving, and thus far, not thrilled with the idea of sharing space. Oddly, Scsi is taking a "sit back and watch" approach, and has not, that I've seen, shown any aggression towards him other than holding her ground when he gets cranky. I'm sure it will be a work in progress.

We had him out with everybody last night, and given that I'm a pretty light sleeper, I figured I'd wake to any shenanigans. There was only one moment sometime early this morning, and it was relatively tame. Still getting used to a kitty who is new to the environment and not too scared to explore it. Seems fairly graceful though. For all the places I caught him, particularly the high spots, he never knocked anything over.

Something else that will be a change is that unlike either previous cat, Max has what I like to refer to as an aggressive play streak, though he seems to understand when its time to stop playing. I'll make sure he fully gets that point, since C isn't used to a cat who gives playful nips and taps. I don't mind rough playing as long as the cat understands when its time to stop.

Today while we're at work, he's sitting pretty in the spare bedroom on his own. I'm giving Scsi some time to reclaim her space for a bit. We'll see how it all shakes out.
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So Scsi is definitely not taking well to being solo. Well.. solo beyond her band of fleas, which we are struggling to rid her of. Which reminds me. Need to vacuum again. Got good treatment, and we're making progress though.

So at some point, we'll be bringing in another little bugger to the house. Having to plan ahead a bit from a timing perspective. I have little doubt that Scsi will tolerate another cat eventually, but it will take some time, and I'd like to be present to referee for as long a block of time as possible.

Thinking a boy. Less than a year would be my preference. Doesn't have to be a young kitten, but somewhat malleable. Perhaps another tabby. Maybe a Siamese, or better yet a Tonkanese if I go that route. Probably not a Bombay. And definitely short hair. We have enough grief with the fur we have. :-D

Staying away from shops. So if you hear of anything... :-)

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