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Well.. they tell me today is the end of the long summer. Long relatively speaking since I know summer back home lasts into October. Honestly, summer HERE sometimes lasts into October, so while the sun-worshipers are lamenting the changing weather, I'll accept that it still is likely to get hot again before it stays cold for a while.

On the flip side, I'm not arguing the change today. I was up early and refreshed. Out of bed and moving much earlier than I usually do. And got to work at an unusually earlier hour for me. This change, for however long it lasts, is definitely a good thing for me.

Timing-wise, it seems like a lot of other little things are due to transition too. Little things with the organization of the house and how we're doing things. I recently picked up a new entryway bench that will make better use of some space where we've otherwise stacked junk. Things in the kitchen have been shuffled a little, and we're making progress continuing down the path to make things a home.

It is kinda frustrating feeling like I've lived where I am over a year now, and we're still having to re-arrange and unpack.. and pare down. I guess it feels like there should be a better routine about how things get done and how the business of getting settled in works, but I forget that that sort of thing takes years... sometimes years and years. Maybe I'm impatient to do other household things. The carousel is itching to turn, and some things have spent too long packed away.

Along those lines, I finished up my new art project (new to me, anyways), and will have some time to devote to other things I want to do. I think I want to get back into book binding for a bit. I need to perfect some of my techniques, and I want to get better at it. I have a few projects in particular in mind, and it should keep me busy for a while. :-)

There are also several games calling my name, and while my laptop seems to be struggling on it's last leg, I'm not ready to toss it, so we'll see if I can get it behaving again. I had a funny realization the other day. I was doing some stress-relief gaming (computer mode Jedi Knight 2 in capture the flag mode with 7 compy players), and I realized that my 15 inch laptop screen, in my lap, is about the same visual field as our flatscreen (for which I briefly considered hooking up to). Make me chuckle. :-) Resolution of the TV is slightly better, but it really wouldn't offer a lot at this point. Maybe when we pony up for a sound bar soon. I need to get back into Skyrim. And Fallout and it's cousins are calling to me.

Speaking of gaming, I wandered into Godus on Android. I've been a fan of Molyneux's early works with Lionhead, and Godus kinda sounded like it had a similar vibe. I hadn't dug into the controversy about the PC version and what looks like the melt-down that happened since trying to get that game out the door. But the Android version seems interesting enough, and I'm enjoying it in bits so far. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. And the PC Beta. Not sure I want to pay into that one yet. Maybe some day if the company Molyneux left behind finishes it off. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Molyneux can work his way out of his self-dug hole and get back to the business of making interesting games.

As a tangent to gaming, I have been focused lately on appreciating movie and gaming soundtracks and have fallen in love again with Jeremy Soule. I had the pleasure of alpha testing Total Annihilation back in the day when I worked for Humongous Entertainment, and his score there has always moved me. So it was no surprise that when I got into the Elder Scrolls games, starting with Morrowind, that after loving the music, I discovered that Soule was the one scoring those. His scores are so evocative.

I've been looking at a piece from Guild Wars 2 (a game I'd also like to get into) that I'd like to gather some troops to cover. Here is one take on it. It is a beautiful piece. :-)

More music is definitely in the list. I'm researching drums and keyboards and other fun things to add to the musical section of the carousel. I need to devote time to continuing to practice and to learning new things. and i should make a dent in that list of covers I've been meaning to do. :-)

Now with summer slipping away, it means I can use the oven again. Baking will be coming back. Along with good cooler weather comfort foods like stews and the like. I'm excited!

Time to shift gears and launch into the next little bit. Coming along for the ride?
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So the proverbial carousel has been turning again, but She's lost a lot of momentum. I'm not one for making specific year-beginning resolutions mostly because anything worthy of a serious change should happen any time of the year and not wait for one day of the year to start. But it seems like a good time to review progress thereof of continuing efforts. :-)

Before Christmas there were plans for bread again, and while that hasn't yet happened, more to get it happening has happened in the last couple weeks than has the prior year. I'd like to take advantage of the cooler weather, and my gorgeous live-in sweetie is very much on board for knocking out some Reinhardt love. Scheduling is a thing though. Most of the good bread recipes take at least 2 days. Sometimes more. So we'll see how that goes.

A lot of the living room shuffling has happened, and we're in a better place than we've been since we've moved in. Once Christmas stuff is out of the way, I think we'll be in a great place to consider being more social! The music room is coming around, and regardless of organization, I've been huddled over the keyboard practicing and otherwise busting out bits and pieces of things. I've gotten a little driven to complete and perfect some of the older pieces I had worked on years ago, and I also have a whole lot of new stuff on my musical plate. One of the upcoming goals is to get more stuff recorded (mostly as an exercise in recording than necessarily a desire to have it heard), but that will require some more work with the DAW and building comfort in using it all. I also foresee more equipment purchases since we could use a couple of good mics. Fun stuff overall though. I'm pretty excited about it!

In terms of arts and crafts, I've made some more headway on my t-shirt rug. For those that were around when I started it, this is a large piece I decided to make that is essentially latch-hook but with strips of t-shirts. It is really hard on the hands, but I've had fun with it. I have a lot more work to do with it, but I'm hopefully that I can make a dent soon. Eschewing technology in favor of the artistic when relaxing for the evening is difficult some days, but I think I can work on making that happen periodically. I also have plans to get some more journals bound and I'm looking forward to stepping into some new binding styles and maybe even some paper-making to go along with it.

More cooking and food in general is planned. My poor cooking blog has gone sadly dormant, and I need to find ways to revive it. The loss of a favorite restaurant this year will have me deliberately making effort to master some of my favorite New Mexican dishes so as to not feel so homesick for the food. This will include things like tamales, carne adobado, and a nice pot of posole. :-) And there will be more non-New Mexican faire as well including dabbling in spirit-making to include some lemoncello and limecello! I'm looking forward to keeping the kitchen hopping.

One of the things that will also be taking up time is school! Back in for a couple more quarters to finish up my Cisco certificate, and I imagine I'll be testing in Summer. Should be fun, and it will be helpful for work related things. I've kinda enjoyed it, and am looking forward to learning more over the next several months.

There are lots of other things always on the carousel, but I think these will be my focus for a bit. Time and spirit willing, I'm sure I might also pull out a few less-attentioned things periodically just to shake off the dust, but I always say when it comes to my life and my personal enjoyment of it, I'm never bored.

Hope the new year treats you all well, and hope you have some fun things that you are otherwise involved with or will be soon.
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So since i haven't posted anything of substance here in ages, I should play a little bit of "catch-up". And I think I'll do that over the course of various topical posts.

Today, I wanted to talk about how while I'm not usually one for New Year's resolutions, this year, my efforts of various change are oddly coinciding with this end of the year.

I believe this is in large part due to being exceptionally busy for the past 6 months and really not having enough in me to pick my head up far enough to do the assessment and evaluation necessary to make significant change. The end of the year just provided a slow-down point where I've decided to now implement various things that had "been on hold".

Among them was buying and using a Fitbit. A fitbit is an electronic pedometer which can also track stair climbing that syncs to your computer and uploads to a website that can keep track of your stats. There is also a social component where you can share part or all of your stats with "friends" in order to build a tribe sense.

I've had mine for several days, and I think the advantage over run-of-the-mill means to track movement and fitness is that this device makes it easy to keep track. It takes a bit of the manual process out of it. And, speaking for myself, taking away some of the tedium of manually tracking things makes it more appealing.

And on the whole, I think the entire process begins to work because it raises awareness. And if you subscribe to the social part of it, it creates a "tribe" of folks looking out for each other and providing motivation and support to continue down a preferred path. That, too, makes it appealing.

As for how its worked for me, the awareness of it alone has already had me deliberately trying to increase my step count by avoiding elevators or unnecessary driving. And in some cases, eschewing the "shortest distance between two points" mentality. I get to see my progress throughout the day and it reminds me to move a little more. Which, even at this stage, is what I need.

I've also been trying to get into the habit of food tracking. There are lots of places to do that, and I chose MyFitnessPal which also integrates with Fitbit. I find that if I am honest about what I eat, and track it as diligently as I can, the simple awareness of it has me choosing better foods, and I find it easier to resist things I shouldn't eat when I know I'll have to track them later. At this point, it isn't perfect, but it's progressing.
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So I had planned that various things were going to shift a bit when RoM ended, though granted I hadn't necessarily planned on the most recent event. Thank you guys for the messages. We appreciate them a lot.

So along the lines of a shift, I'm looking to change the ride-the-waves concept I've been keeping for the last 10 months, and change it to a more aggressive hands-on concept.

Part of it is that I realize how much I've been pulling back from the social scene over the last many months, and having had the opportunity to make and be part of a new little community lately has reminded me that I need to step back out there. So I shall. :-)

It also means that I'll be oiling up the carousel and getting it spinning again. Too many things I miss that I need to pick back up. Including baking, more creative cooking, more movie going and watching, more off-the-wall technological projects, more book binding (and pictures of a certain big red book), more piano, more guitar, and more concert-going. And more just getting the hell out of the house and seeing people.

And I've finally come to realize that the space we have, when properly devoid of Mercury sets and props is not too horrible for entertaining. So I foresee a bit of that too. And given that we're not ready to buy just yet, I think we may hang out here just a tad longer. And if I go too much longer without inviting people over, I'm gonna go nuts. :-) So I may be dragging you IN as much as I may be seeing you out. :-)

Also health-wise, I'd admittedly let things slack, particularly over the last 2 months, so the goal is to work on that a bit too. A trip on the scale this morning was not nearly as disappointing as I had anticipated, which means pulling sugar out for both teeth and weight has helped (verified by the dentist this morning as well). Haven't eliminated it completely, but I have removed it from the significant sources. And a good jaunt on the elliptical Monday didn't kill me, even though it has been months since my last shuffle. That pleases me too.

And so it moves forward. :-)

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