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This morning, I took a quick trip down memory lane talking about the cottonwood trees and the fact that the fluff is flying.

Where i grew up, our cottonwood trees didn't have fluff. At least not in the city. Outside of city limits, we'd see them sometimes. I remember Dad said that the fluff kind weren't allowed. Research tells me that there is an actual pollen ordinance on the books for ABQ that states that selling or planting various high pollen varieties of trees including those sorts of cultivars of poplars is punishable as a petty misdemeanor. Living in a dry climate is srs bznz. :-)

There were cultivars of Cottonwoods that don't produce the high amounts of pollen that were allowed by the ordinance. This includes the Rio Grande Cottonwood which was what I was most accustomed to seeing. We had the male variety in our yard, and much like the more pollen producing types, they dropped these floral pods that kinda resembled caterpillars that also had this sticky sap in the buds. Descriptions I see for these poplars in general is that they like to drop limbs unexpectedly. Even back home, this was true. Wind storms were a great way to find out how alive your cottonwood trees were. And in a lot of cases, how sturdy your roof is. :/

Another tree I grew up with is the bald cypress. For some reason, I had thought these were some variety of cedar, but no. They produce these funny little round cones, they have bark that sheds as they grow, and they also produce this significantly sticky sap that gets on everything. Our yard was landscaped with these cypress trees, and I remember the day my parents had them removed because they just made so much mess of the yard.

We also had a sour cherry tree that always produced lots of fruit. We would collect as much as we could and make pies and such. Very tart golden fruit with fire-engine-red skins.

We also had a spruce in the front yard that was a four-foot starter when my parents moved into the house when I was 1 year old, and later grew to 20-30 feet tall before it apparently became diseased and needed to be removed.

One other tree I distinctly remember were the sycamore trees. They grow these hard spikey seed-pods that break open and contain fluff and seeds. Kids would throw them at each other since they were also rather dense and would fly well. They also quickly discovered that if you broke open the pods and stuffed the contents down someone's shirt, that it would itch for hours. :/

Interesting the things you remember.

What sorts of trees were in your life when you were young?
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More zoom!

Say what you will, but in my life, Valentine's Day aint got nothing on the start of Fall for all those loving feelings.

Two anniversaries celebrated and two lovely weekend outings. Things are good!

Another lovely thing with the Fall is the cooler weather, which means that the bread baking books come back out. I've put it off for a lone time, and I miss it. I will be baking out of this book -


The temp change also means I can start working on the re-seasoning of the poor cast iron that has been suffering. I have oil on order, and am looking forward to that process too.

It also means that it is time for stews and other lovely winter dishes. I'm excited for it all, and looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

Now in the new space, we'll need to get a new tree! I'm excited for that too. :-) We've already started collecting new ornaments, and I'm looking forward to other related decorations and things.

All the little things continue to come together, and things are improving.

Health seems ok. I seem to be battling allergies or a cold that just won't let up. It doesn't typically bother me much during the day, but I notice I'm stuffy and sneezy in the mornings. I've also noticed that I seem a lot more... for lack of a better word.. broken lately. Not so much with specific things wrong, but I experience fatigue and also battle with muscle aches and pulls that I haven't ever had before. I think it is time to up my game a little exercise and movement wise, so we'll see if that makes a difference.

It also continues to be time to push myself with regards to my Fitbit. I have a $100 piece of hardware I wear around my neck almost every day, and typically other than the habit to wear it, it doesn't serve any greater purpose. That needs to change.

Does anybody want to help follow that might have a Fitbit?

This coming week looks to be fairly mellow, which is preferred. I think I will work on some bread this week, and hopefully some more shuffling of all the stuffs.
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I have the fortune of not being afflicted with any notable debilitating food allergies, but for those that do, I stumbled on this website. It is community driven and appears to be relatively new, but it looks like a great tribe resource and place to leave feedback.

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