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So generally things continue to improve. While Scsi is still not thrilled with him, she seems to tolerate him much more. He finds himself comfortable enough to want to play, but unfortunately Scsi is not yet willing and either runs or releases the hissy fit when cornered. But they are eating side by side, albeit out of separate dishes. They still have staked out territory, and the bulk of their interaction is hurriedly running past each other to get from one room to another. No sharing of the bed lately. Max has taken that over. We're now waking to many pounds of cat sitting on the chest and licking our noses as opposed to a very lonely cat yowling at the top of her lungs wondering where her brother is and why her bowl is not satisfactorily filled.

Not bad for only 3 weeks.

And I have to say, present and next week included, it is scary how much seems to have transpired in general in the last 3 weeks for me to say that it feels like it's been closer to a couple months already.
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Montgomery "Furr Face" "Ring-Tailed-Bastard" "Burbur" Burns. We will miss ye. May your crossing be peaceful, and may you find an abundance of rats, food, love, and scritches on the other side.
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One of the things thats been going on in the background while I've been devoting my focus to Mercury is that Mr Burns has been getting progressively worse. He never gained back any of the weight he lost, and his mobility has been getting worse and worse as his muscles atrophy. After his month check-in after the procedure to correct his hyperthyroidism, the bloodwork showed he has significant kidney deficiency (which is commonly masked by the hyperthyroidism, so not entirely unexpected), so we had to rethink his future. We've done various things with diet changes and such to better accommodate his kidneys, but at this point, he hasn't broken even enough to have turned around, and the weight loss coupled with the kidney problem has not allowed him to work it out.

Alas, I think it is time.

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