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Well.. they tell me today is the end of the long summer. Long relatively speaking since I know summer back home lasts into October. Honestly, summer HERE sometimes lasts into October, so while the sun-worshipers are lamenting the changing weather, I'll accept that it still is likely to get hot again before it stays cold for a while.

On the flip side, I'm not arguing the change today. I was up early and refreshed. Out of bed and moving much earlier than I usually do. And got to work at an unusually earlier hour for me. This change, for however long it lasts, is definitely a good thing for me.

Timing-wise, it seems like a lot of other little things are due to transition too. Little things with the organization of the house and how we're doing things. I recently picked up a new entryway bench that will make better use of some space where we've otherwise stacked junk. Things in the kitchen have been shuffled a little, and we're making progress continuing down the path to make things a home.

It is kinda frustrating feeling like I've lived where I am over a year now, and we're still having to re-arrange and unpack.. and pare down. I guess it feels like there should be a better routine about how things get done and how the business of getting settled in works, but I forget that that sort of thing takes years... sometimes years and years. Maybe I'm impatient to do other household things. The carousel is itching to turn, and some things have spent too long packed away.

Along those lines, I finished up my new art project (new to me, anyways), and will have some time to devote to other things I want to do. I think I want to get back into book binding for a bit. I need to perfect some of my techniques, and I want to get better at it. I have a few projects in particular in mind, and it should keep me busy for a while. :-)

There are also several games calling my name, and while my laptop seems to be struggling on it's last leg, I'm not ready to toss it, so we'll see if I can get it behaving again. I had a funny realization the other day. I was doing some stress-relief gaming (computer mode Jedi Knight 2 in capture the flag mode with 7 compy players), and I realized that my 15 inch laptop screen, in my lap, is about the same visual field as our flatscreen (for which I briefly considered hooking up to). Make me chuckle. :-) Resolution of the TV is slightly better, but it really wouldn't offer a lot at this point. Maybe when we pony up for a sound bar soon. I need to get back into Skyrim. And Fallout and it's cousins are calling to me.

Speaking of gaming, I wandered into Godus on Android. I've been a fan of Molyneux's early works with Lionhead, and Godus kinda sounded like it had a similar vibe. I hadn't dug into the controversy about the PC version and what looks like the melt-down that happened since trying to get that game out the door. But the Android version seems interesting enough, and I'm enjoying it in bits so far. It will be interesting to see what comes of it. And the PC Beta. Not sure I want to pay into that one yet. Maybe some day if the company Molyneux left behind finishes it off. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Molyneux can work his way out of his self-dug hole and get back to the business of making interesting games.

As a tangent to gaming, I have been focused lately on appreciating movie and gaming soundtracks and have fallen in love again with Jeremy Soule. I had the pleasure of alpha testing Total Annihilation back in the day when I worked for Humongous Entertainment, and his score there has always moved me. So it was no surprise that when I got into the Elder Scrolls games, starting with Morrowind, that after loving the music, I discovered that Soule was the one scoring those. His scores are so evocative.

I've been looking at a piece from Guild Wars 2 (a game I'd also like to get into) that I'd like to gather some troops to cover. Here is one take on it. It is a beautiful piece. :-)

More music is definitely in the list. I'm researching drums and keyboards and other fun things to add to the musical section of the carousel. I need to devote time to continuing to practice and to learning new things. and i should make a dent in that list of covers I've been meaning to do. :-)

Now with summer slipping away, it means I can use the oven again. Baking will be coming back. Along with good cooler weather comfort foods like stews and the like. I'm excited!

Time to shift gears and launch into the next little bit. Coming along for the ride?
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- The Conspirator was a really good movie. Jaded by the fact that I have a history teacher for a father, I think I avoided absorbing American and World history, so when I get a chance to see a dramatization of a piece of history these days, it prompts my curiosity. I don't recall learning about anyone beyond John Wilkes Booth as the end-all-be-all cause of Lincoln's death, so it was nice to get a kick that prompted some investigation of my own.

- Fast Five was also a pretty decent movie if you appreciated the franchise at all. I enjoyed getting to see the entire mixed cast from them all come together, and The Rock is always good for playing the unrelenting bad-ass. I always though of Vin Diesel as a big guy, but next to an exceptionally buffed out Dwayne Johnson, and with the help of a few camera tricks, the four inch height difference looks massive. Interesting twist at the end of the credits, btw.

- Having frustrations of no good sun or plots to plant, and no true drive to pay for a pea-patch (though I get tempted every year), I opted to expand my deck boxes to see what shallow things I could grow in mixed light. Lettuce seemed to do well enough last year, and this, I buried several cloves of organic garlic from the CSA box that I had leftover. I keep eyeballing the strawberries that are out now, and keep fantasizing that there will be enough sun for them. I think I'll settle for some shade herbs and be done with it. :-)

- Productivity efforts have stalled this week with what seems to be a cold or some allergies, or something.. I'm not sure what it is, but I keep dealing with either post nasal drip (and the associated sore throat), or chest tickles and the coughing up of clear (presumably non-bacterial) schtuff, along with a general feeling of being run-down.

- On the ongoing list of things to do around the house include techy stuff like updating the firewall which should allow some remote access of files and other home resources. Also, the file server is coming together nicely. This month's allotment will garner the case, which will be nice. I can finally piece it all together in a more permanent fashion. On the non-techy end of things, we are accumulating another GoodWill run, and I need to do another pass through the kitchen to eliminate things we just don't use. I'm also in the process of replacing our now-defunct George Foreman grill with a nice cast iron grill pan. It will be nice to have deck space some day to have a BBQ, but at the moment, it is just not realistic, so I'm making due with what I have, and the grill pan will make a nice addition to the rest of the collection.

- Mary Poppins is on the ticket for this weekend at The Paramount, and it will be a nice way to end the week. While I intend to enjoy it on the whole, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the theatrical production side of it. The sets are said to be incredible, and I hear there is a bit of an obvious surprise at the end that will fascinate me from a technical perspective. And since this production is a melding of movie and books, I'm looking forward to going back and reading the literature. My only exposure has been via the Mouse, and knowing their history for fluffing things, I'd like to see what the original stories looked like.

- Later this month, I chiseled a few hours out of my vacation time to pad the Memorial Day weekend for myself. I've got the craving for another solo week-day adventure on the town. Haven't made up my mind just what that will look like yet, but I know there are a lot of places I still haven't seen, and I'm never gonna make it if I sit around not doing it.

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