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And I in Him!

YES! Finally broke the earworm today!!
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Just a reminder!

Tonight is the Rite of Mercury DVD Viewing party! If you didn't get a chance to see the show live in October, tonight is the night to see it for the first time! Or, if you did make it, come out and support us and enjoy your favorite bits all over again.

Come watch Pastor Steve admonish us over the state of our vibrators. Watch our spinners rock the house! Watch our cast sing and dance! Come watch Jon in leather pants!


This fundraiser will be held at the E/M Fine Art Gallery. 410 Dexter Ave North, Seattle, WA

Doors open at 8, and the DVD will start between 9 and 9:30 (90 minute run time)

Cover is $10 to get in!

Hope to see you there!
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For those of you who were unable to attend or whom were curious about how I spent my summer, here is a rough cut of the very beginning of the performance. There will be more!

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My heart is filled to the brim with deep love and affection. And even though I'm back to work today, I am finding my day particularly pleasant. :-) Basking in the afterglow to say the least. :D
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Ok.. better.. for a few minutes anyways.

Busy busy day. Got a few things done that I needed to do this weekend, but forgot a few others, so I'll be scrambling to catch up today.

Lovely lovely weekend though. Friday, I got to see [ profile] thinxtoomuch and enjoyed sushi and the new Resident Evil movie NOT in 3d. :-) Enjoyed it for what it was. Admittedly, I was a little non-plussed by what I sincerely hope was a nod to The Matrix. If it was an attempt to be original, they kinda blew it. Either way, overall, it worked for what it was. Not a great movie in the epic sense, but another good chapter to the story. And really, it was about spending time with my sweetie, so even if the movie had totally sucked, who cares? :-)

Saturday morning was spent building a prop/set piece that I had decided we needed since our run at Portland. We didn't really have room for it in Portland, but in Seattle, we not only have room, but we have necessity, so build it I did, and it looks like it will work well. I also got to see American Rhapsody, which was a really interesting movie about a Hungarian girl reunited with her parents in the United States after a long and somewhat accidental separation when she was a baby when her family was escaping from the communist country in the 50's.

Saturday afternoon, C and I trekked off to Tacoma for a little belated birthday celebration. Cirque, as I mentioned before, was in town, and since it is my favorite show to-date, and C has never seen it, I had to share it with her.

We stayed at the Hotel Murano there in downtown Tacoma. Great reviews of the hotel. And in spite of the crowds (apparently there were 3 weddings, and a "prom"), it was a beautiful place to stay. I opted not to have dinner at the in-house restaurant, and based on breakfast, it was a wise choice.

I guess I've seen enough of Tacoma to remember how dirty and unfriendly it was that I was truly surprised at how nice it has become in that area. We utilized the light rail, and wandered back and forth. I planned ahead and brought umbrellas so we could be leisurely in our strolls.

And a shout out to Galanga for really good Thai food. It isn't a fancy place, but the food is very very good!

Sunday we opted to hit up museums, but only made it to the Washington State History Museum. Was nice to go through it officially. It reminded me of the Albuquerque History Museum back in NM. Nifty stuff for someone like me who didn't grow up with it. And I was really impressed with the sculptor who made the life-size figures.

That afternoon, we headed back home and went into veg mode for a while. Then, as is tradition, I began working on props and sets again. :-) I swear when RoM is over, I'm not gonna know what to do with myself. :-)

Overall, a good weekend.

Hope it was for you all as well!
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Ritual hang-over.. Yeah.. I get that...

I'm really glad I had an extra day to deal with life before I had to go back to work.

Not that I have any problem being taken away by our ritual work. No problem whatsoever! I'm just always amazed how it will affect me. And in this case, I even missed out on the visuals of things. And maybe that was part of what made the difference. Sitting back, listening to the amazing voices and responding to the emotions I heard. It's one thing when you sing things in rehearsal and it is relatively straight. Quite a significant difference when performers get into their roles and start feeling things and you can feel that from them... be it fun, pain, sadness, and even confusion. :-)

And frankly, that is the most awesome part of all of this, and a testament to our amazing cast that they can convey those sorts of emotions. And if I can get all that just from the voices.... You all out there are in for a treat!
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Enjoying the afternoon at home with C chilling out unwinding from a very long but beautiful weekend helping perform the Rite of Mercury in Portland. Both shows went very well and we were extremely well received. Makes me very happy.

On to Seattle! Our show there will take on a bigger form and it should be very amazing. You should come!

In other news, my other love is home from her long stay in Cambodia and I finally get to see her again!!

Makes for a very nice extended weekend, and looking forward to a good week next week.

May you each have a safe and fun remainder of your weekend.

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