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While the Nook HD+ with stock OS has been good so far, and I mostly do use my Nook for reading and light browsing, I've also run into lots of limitations and pickiness about games and other apps. Soo.. now that it has been a good while since I bought it, it is time to pervert the poor thing and make it run what I want it to run.

There are a few OS options available. I'm going to see what the experience is like. I'll back up the stock OS in case I decide to return to the realm of B&N. I don't use B&N content very much, so unless performance is a bear or features of the tablet are broken with the alternate OS, I suspect I'll stick to it.

Ultimately, I plan to upgrade to a full 10.1 Android tablet. I still eyeball the Asus Transformer Infinity. It isn't new anymore, but it is a pretty solid rocking 10.1, and refurbs are very nicely priced.

In the meantime, we'll see how this little experiment goes. I'm hopeful. :-)
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AS I had mentioned a while back, I picked up a Barnes and Noble Nook Color, and I have been pretty happy with it so far.

While it as a reader unto itself is a nice thing, having put a fully unrestricted android operating system on it (or better stated, next to it), has made it a very nice thing indeed.

It only has wifi, so generally, the connectivity could be limited, but my phone can create a wifi hotspot, so wherever my phone has data, my tablet can too. I installed an overclock kernel into the Cyanogenmod image, and now I can pump it up to a respectable 1.1Ghz. It isn't the fastest thing out there, but it will do all I need and play the games I like to play without any lag. It runs flash! It plays video well, and I was able to get the new Netflix app installed and running after a minor but fixable glitch.

I still predominately use it for reading (I am working through Deathly Hollows again, and going to start on what will be my first Star Trek novel ever!) But I also use it to browse a bit, and have handy access to things I would otherwise have to lug out the laptop for. If I'm writing a lot, I still opt for the laptop, but the on-screen keyboard is pretty good, and I'm getting fairly proficient with it.

Definitely something to consider if you want to play around with a lower end, but reasonably functional tablet and take advantage of what B&N gives you.

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