Jan. 31st, 2017

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Something I do a lot at work, or when I need to kind of shut out the outside world and focus on something specific is pick a piece of music I like and play it on single-track repeat over and over and over and over again.

Typically it is a track with a driving beat. I think that part specifically appeals to my inner metronome. Driving beat, familiar melody. Lyrics and genre are unimportant. I typically don't "hear" the lyrics too much. If I do, they become part of the white noise (probably closer to brown noise knowing my preferences for these things), and I don't generally internalize them.

I have lots of musical tracks that I gravitate towards, and I've started creating a playlist of just those tracks that I will put on single-track repeat and play and play until either I get tired of it, or want something else, and then I hit skip and go to the next one. Generally, I'll hang on one track for hours. Sometimes I will keep the same track for days at a time.

I decided I wanted to write about this to see if anybody else does this specifically. Not so much a rolling playlist, but a single musical track or two that get played on repeat for a long stretch of time as a sort of zen meditation thing. :)

Brains are awesome. :-D

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