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Really, not cleaning in the strictest sense. Mostly organizing. There have been boxes and boxes of stuff piled up in the living room. Things that were once mostly sorted that were allowed to become a part of the disarray. Boxes mixed with paint, bottles and tubes of adhesive, scale maille, ribbon, bits of cloth, leather, foam, saws, drills, punches, chisels, screw drivers, and so many other things.

One of the worst parts was that the apartment wasn't perfectly organized before all this started so I'm also working around that issue too. The plus side is that in the process of fixing everything, I'm taking care of stuff that has sat for months waiting to be done.

The change of season also means that things like most of the gardening stuff can be stored away now too. Might consider some garlic to winter over on the deck, but otherwise, I'm thinking most of the annual stuff is done and over. Speaking of the deck, we have a pallet to dispose that we never ended up using. There was a nifty gardening idea for pallets, but it requires a regular full-size pallet, and what I had was not that. Maybe in the process of breaking it down, I'll reconsider and finish the work to it that was going to be necessary. It would be neat to have a tiered garden next year, and we can do some of the prep for it now. Or I'll just toss it. But one way or another, we need to deal with it. We also have some plastic garden furniture that has traveled around for more than 10 years now, and needs to be tossed since I'm guessing the UV has made it unstable. In its place, we have a fantastic iron set of furniture that also needs some TLC, but is much better on the longevity. Looking forward to finishing up the prep work there and giving ourselves a nice place to take in the neighborhood during the spring and summer months.

We also have a tall solid steel one-piece handtruck that is taking up space. If you need one, we can probably arrange to get it to you. Might have some minor rust, and I think I need to get a new tube for one of the tires, but it is otherwise in good condition and has always been pretty diehard.

The dining room table was definitely the hardest hit by the propping since I used it as the weighing/mixing station for the polyurethane coating I was using. I have a few drips and spatters to deal with, but mostly I just need to continue to collect all the supplies and tools used for that part of the projects and get them either stored or disposed as appropriate. There is hope that we can get the table serviceable for things like dinner and gaming and other social events. :-) Would be weird. :-D

Strangely enough, the kitchen has been mostly ok. It ebbs and flows as things go, but it generally has stayed in reasonable condition if just to allow us to continue to cook and feed ourselves. :-)

The music room is in need to some shuffle as well. We have the old couch in there that doesn't quite fit at the moment, but can once we shuffle a few things. I also have a corner desk to disassemble and remove that will help to bring up storage space. And I'm thinking that a nice solid wire rack shelving unit will help organize some of the storage bins and give us a focal point for that sort of storage where as they are kinda stacked in the middle of the room at the moment.

All in all, lots to do, but lots of reward. I'm hoping to continue to momentum for a good while yet, so that we can get through the things we need to do before the winter's desire to nest saps the productivity streak. :-)

How goes Fall for you? What is on your plate and what are you eyebrow deep in?

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