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So much to say!

First, a grateful appreciation to comcon and to the participants of this really awesome filk convention. I had heard it was a special place to be, and I was not disappointed. The feeling of community and love of music is what filk is all about, and FKO demonstrates this with excellence.

I ventured out to the land of the north both to experience FKO for myself and to support my sweetie who was Interfilk guest this year.

When I arrived, I was really not feeling well. Flights are not my favorite thing. Less about being in the air, and more about being in a seated position for longer than a few hours. And well.. the rigmarole of what is modern air travel with a dollop of foreign country rolled in. Arriving to a hotel that was in the midst of construction with very prominent smells of the outgassing carpet and paint was very overwhelming.

We had dinner that night in the hotel bar, and began to watch familiar faces trickle in, and I got to meet several more faces that are now familiar faces. :-) Just a taste of more to come.

Friday was particularly hard. In spite of extra sleep, and not having much on the responsibility plate but some early rehearsals, I was really having a hard time coping. I tried really hard to keep it contained, and for any of you that might have had it rub off on you, I truly apologize. I was definitely not wearing my best face. :/

Saturday seemed to improve some. Sound check, rehearsals, more concerts including my sweetie's Interfilk concert. More faces. Some new, some old. Some old faces that I hadn't met until now.

Concert was a decided success, and I enjoyed being part of it directly with some drums as well as supporting Shawna for the rest. She did an amazing job and I think we all had a lot of fun with it.

One thing that didn't improve was the fact that all that dust and out-gassing was reviving what was the remnants of my chest cold that was just settling down prior to the trip. So that was a struggle. Likely not contagious. Probably mostly allergies. I seem to have lost any immunity I may have had to local allergies and I keep getting pounded pretty hard by this year. No fun.

I think I finally reached a relaxing place by Sunday. Heart filled with lots of music and love and peoples. I'm sad it took so long, but I'm happy I got there.

Highlights include getting to share the stage with so many wonderful people and getting to cheer on Shawna. Also watching Sunnie get conscripted for lots of other concerts and circle bits or was that volunteered with zeal? :-) Details. I loved all of the guest concerts and one-shots. The Hall of Fame induction dinner and honorees. The Interfilk auction! Hanging outside with the HAM hounds learning a little bit more about radio. Meals and gatherings with friends and family.

I think it is reasonable to assume that if we can swing it, we'll be back next year. :-) I'm already researching flight cases for some of my gear. :-D

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