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Howdy do! I finally have more topics than time to write about them. I've been keeping a running list using Checkvist (really nifty web based list maker, btw) of things as I think of them that I'll want to remember to talk about . I've got a few piling up, so I thought I'd make time to pull the ripcord on one of them

Today's entry is about the bass. Specifically that I've been learning to play bass. Last year, I saved up my pennies and purchased a Kala U-Bass which is a bass ukulele. I figured that it was more portable and versatile, and I think I made a good decision. The thing is, I never played bass before. So I've been learning what I can and playing around with techniques and such. It's been really fun. This bonus round, I picked up a well-recommended portable bass amp that pairs nicely with the U-Bass, and I've been having a lot of fun.

One of my favorite things to do to practice and to learn more musicality of the instrument is to find YouTube videos of songs with the bass removed and learn to play along. There are bunches of those types of videos for nearly any purpose/genre/instrument you can think of, and I find them to be a very useful resource. My favorite are the ones that include the chords. As for bass, the easiest bass line to play is the root of the chord, so these help me learn my way around the fretboard, and I can start to see patterns in the progressions. The tuning of the bass also lends itself well to popular chord changes. And while my bass lines are not always too interesting, I'm learning my way around playing 4ths 5ths, and octaves and venturing beyond that. I know my next major step will be to learn the scales of those chords so I can get more comfortable with walking bass lines and other creativity.

I often realize that with piano as my first instrument, my musicality suffered a lot. These is no challenge to make in-tune pitches. There is technique to dynamics, but for the most part, anybody can walk up to a piano and play middle C, and on an in tune piano, it will always be a C. Most other instruments require considerable more technique to produce just a pitch, much less a nuanced pitch. I think that makes me very spoiled. On the flip side, it may have helped contribute to my fairly good ear for pitch. I know it also have me a leg up on learning chords and also on learning limb independence which has been helpful with learning drums.

Drums, bass, accordion... Probably some woodwinds or reeded brass. Yeah. I like making music and I love learning how to play. It is becoming one of my favorite ways to create and express myself.

What new thing are you learning these days?

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Date: 2017-01-15 05:18 pm (UTC)
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Very cool!

Most of the new things I'm learning these days have to do w/my new career as an licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker. Lotsa new software, new processes & procedures, new rules, &c. Fun so far!

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