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Ok.. enough of that. ;-)

Happy the week is over and that I'm starting a nice Staycation on Monday. More likely a Propcation, to be honest, but I plan some down-time in there too. I'm planning a short trip out to Seaside to enjoy the beach and see what the area holds. Possible a trip to Astoria and to the movie museum. Hoping the weather holds and that I can fly one or more of my kites.

As to props, one of the inevitable things about being a builder is when you come to that point where you realize that your designs and experiments are not yielding a viable project and you have to take some time to regroup. Despite some good successes with other props this go around, I have reached that point with one prop and I am going to have to start over. Fortunately, I have some time and my other successes are guiding me to a solution. That makes me happy.

It's kinda funny because almost every run, I find myself stuck in a situation where I find that I am favoring a design or even a particular type of material for construction, and something doesn't go to plan. Unrelated to my troublesome prop, I found that I was favoring a particular material for a different set of props, and had to change it three times because of supply chain issues. XD Sometimes it pays to make sure you have enough of what you need before you decide you are enamored with it. One day I will learn. ;-)

In job news, our new supervisor started this week. So far, he seems ok, and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better and figure out how we all fit together as a team again. We've been proceeding without one for some time now (including the tail end of the reign of the last one), so I suspect it may take some time to get us warmed up again. Fortunately he doesn't appear to be in a hurry, and I appreciate that. I feel a little bad that I'm bailing on his second week, but this was planned before I even knew he was coming on board, so I guess we'll both deal. :-)

I also just reconnected with a friend I had lost touch with in high school, and we've been writing emails back and forth. It's kinda fun to reconnect and talk about all that's happened since. I haven't kept in touch with much of anybody from high school mostly because I wasn't close to very many people and on the whole did not consider high school a thing that I particularly wanted to remember. Haven't made it to the reunions and can't imagine that will change for the next one. But it is nice to catch up with some of the folks that I did want to remember.

How are you doing?
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