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For the first time in months, I feel like my head is finally lifting above the fog. Ironically just in time to see real fog. :-) I love Fall weather. I love Spring weather too. And I cope reasonably well with winter. Summer can kiss my ass. :-)

Our opening weekend of Rite of Jupiter was a rousing success, and I feel happy for that unto itself, and also because it means I can finally mostly cut it loose. We've achieved showtime, and that means that most of my worries and frustrations are at an end. As prop master and assistant stage manager, my role drops to just helping to keep the wheels on the bus, and fortunately, we built a very sturdy bus. :-) Have you come to see it? You should. :-)

Tickets here or at the door as they are available.

I was digging for some work-related photos on my phone today, and I realized that I have a lot of photos that I keep not posting from outings, concerts, and various other things. I suspect I will attempt to fix that soon. Lots of good stuffs. :-)

Now that props are done, we can begin the arduous process of returning the home to living-space-mode. Our living room has been a pile of tools, foam, wood, and boxes for months now. We have a small path carved out to pass by, and mostly keep things free of important stuff, but it wears you down a little to come home to it, and to have to deal with putting it off a little longer. Now can commence the excavation.

And with that, I suspect there will be a lot of time spent being home. Working on home things, home space, and dealing with some changes that have had to be put off over the summer that are still needed with regards to space and organization. And more music. :-) One of the things we'll be working to do is making our music making space more usable and friendly to the process. There is a corner desk that will be getting the boot, and I will be doing more consolidation and storage of stuffs.

I have a lot of art projects on the horizon as well. Things I can do while being home. :-) I'll be working on at least one more regular book binding project, and I also have a surprise tangential project in mind that I might build out to sell if I can get a handle on it.

I also have apparently added accordion to my list of things I am learning to play. I find that it spends a lot of time not in the case when I'm home with some time. Because it is a smaller version of the full size instrument, there are some musical limitations, but I'm having a lot of fun finding the edges of them and playing around with the thing. I needs a bit of a tune-up, and I'll be looking to get some money together to do that, but on the whole, it is in remarkably good shape for its age, and I'm having a lot of fun playing around with it. I don't know that there will be time for lessons, but there is definitely time for play.

On top of accordion, I have a list of piano things to tackle as well. And today I felt my bass calling to me too. And of course, that means that guitar and mandolin aren't far behind. It's a thing.. That's for sure.

Some of the time spent not-at-home will be attending various things with Loves. Second Story Rep in Redmond has what looks to be a compelling season this year, and I suspect I'll be visiting their lovely black-box often this winter. Also, there are lots of movies coming, and lots of TV coming.

Speaking of movies, I wanted to mention that I'm continuing to be happy that Trump exists. Not for his presidential run as such, but for the fact that his brazen ways seem to be helping to give others less fear of speaking out about their controversial positions. These positions are, of course, not good ones. But as I've said before, I appreciate that people are speaking up and being upfront about their politics. It makes them easier to see and find. And in my case, to avoid. In this case, I'm speaking of a couple of directors of late. Clint Eastwood has regularly been a bit of an asshole for years, but his "pussy generation" comments of late tell me that he really doesn't care about the hurt and abuse people experience. I can't even see it as ignorance as much as willful disregard. It was a line that was drawn, and now he's off the proverbial list. I might catch his movies after the returns have been so completely diluted that he's not getting a penny for my patronage. However, it is entirely likely that I will just not go there at all. Trump has proven that Eastwood has plenty of people on his side. I can do without them. And though I know Hollywood is in the business of making movies, it would be nice to see actors taking a stand. And of course, we also have Tim Burton and his latest comments about how he essentially is flippant about the importance of POC in media and movies. That will be another set of movies I won't be seeing. Happy to see any of them pull their heads out of their asses. If it will happen. Not sure that it will. Don't feel much remorse about missing out on their stuff in the meantime. I'm just happy the assholes are carrying banners now. Makes them much easier to spot.

Anyways, nesting is the order of the day, and things on the whole are going well. More to come in this space as things unwind and settle for a moment.

How are you all doing??
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