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And even more props. :-)

It isn't so much that I have a lot of props this go around with Eleusyve and the Rite of Jupiter, but the props I do have seem like they are taking extra details and fussing. One set of props is involving a lot of detailed work that is both time consuming and involves lots of different materials. Another is mostly one sort of material, but it involves new techniques and it is new material that I've never worked with. Part of the process for that is also time consuming in a different way and involves a little bit of hazardous materials handling, which has been interesting. :-)

It's definitely been fun this go around with both sorts keeping me busy.

Time is of the essence this go around, and most of my free time is contemplating the next steps on these props. I'm enjoying the process and the opportunity to stretch my creativity and my skills. I'm also looking forward to getting to the end of the tunnel. :-)

The house is all props as it always seems to become. I'm looking forward to that settling out too. :-) So much stuff!! All over the place!!

Soon. Very soon.
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