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I've been wanting to take a few minutes to write, but every time I do, I get overwhelmed. Less about the writing itself, and more about trying to figure out what to pin down long enough to write about it.

Lesseee... Health wise, things are going kinda ok. I managed to catch a flu a couple of weeks ago, but I did so far dodge strep this last week, so I feel pretty good about that. I've been seeing more reactions to allergies than I ever have in my life before. This has me testing various remedies to see how they make me feel. Mostly I get congestion, sinus headaches, and sometimes runny nose/itchy eyes. Mostly the classic symptoms. The headaches are strange because sometimes I can feel the mass of congestion behind my eyes, but in general it doesn't hurt unless I tilt my head certain ways or if I shift my head suddenly. I'm used to solid sinus headaches, and this experience has been a little different. So far, Flonase seems to take the edge off of some of the symptoms, but definitely not all. I keep trying to decide if it is worth dealing with the smell of ball-point-pen for a couple hours after I dose. (Does anybody else get that?)

Speaking of health, I've become acutely aware of my addiction to sugar. I haven't cut it out, but I've been much more mindful of it and the associated cravings, and have been working to will better choices when I'm fiending for a fix. It feels a little like a toy I've been playing with where when I do certain things to change my behaviors, I see expected results.. which includes cravings and the need to push them aside or give in to them. It's interesting.

In other health news, I somehow managed to pull at least one or two muscles in my arm. Most everyday activities aren't affected, but there are certain positions/ways I move that cause pain. The doc didn't seem to wildly concerned and wanted to give it time to heal, but it's been a couple months, and it doesn't seem to be getting better, so I'll be heading back. Maybe some PT will help.

Most of my time of late is tied up into about 4-ish things: First, keeping up with the regular day to day including laundry/dishes/vacuuming, etc. Second, working to do some Spring cleaning/unpacking/consolidation/culling. I know I have too much stuff, and a lot of it didn't get organized when we moved the last time, so I have boxes and bins with miscellaneous stuffs that I'm in the process of sorting out. I kinda hate it on the one hand, but I also appreciate working through it to try and make things cleaner and easier to deal with. Part of the problem is that a lot of this "stuff" is packed into the music room (music is #3, but I'll get to that in a min), and there is just no room to move and do things in that room. I had envisioned this space where we can go and relax and make and record music, and it just isn't there yet. Progress is being made, and I am trying to keep my chin up and not be discouraged about it. On the flip side, the space is usable, just not ideal. The other benefit of all the work I'm doing is that I'm finding things I lost in the shuffles, and also, I'm making dedicated places for things I am keeping so that it is easier to find them when I need them.

Music has been interesting. Having pretty much learned the one piano piece that was driving me crazy for so long, I'm chomping at the bit to do more. I'll be picking up a new Brubeck piece soon, and have a Rachmaninoff piece in mind. I've also been enjoying my bass and have been having fun working out lines and learning to do popular bass lines to songs. I've also been coming to understand the stringed instrument concept of conservation of movement. Which is to say that sure, I can drop 12 frets to do an octave on the same string...or... there are alternatives. :-) Bends my brain as a piano player to think in these terms. And that's to say nothing of the differences of timbre and tone of open string notes vs fretted ones. I have a whole lot to learn, but I'm enjoying it so far. I suspect there will be a proper bass guitar in my future someday soon too. In addition to a custom bass uke that I have my eye on. :-)

The last bit is various small projects. G and I have been working on a small container garden on the deck, and we've been successful with a lot of it. Some of it will require a little more diligence than we anticipated, but I'm optimistic that we'll prevail. I've also started playing with an Arduino microprocessor boardc and been having fun learning how to mess with it. I have some ideas for projects based on either an Arduino or other similar microprocessor boards. You know. When I find time. ;-) Fun stuff!

More involvement with the latest Eleusyve Production is around the corner as well. Props, props, and more props! And sets! And stuff! We have extra surprises in store this time around. You guys will definitely want to come, and I hope you'll be interested in helping support us in the meantime.

More things to write sometime about feelings about the state of life and of the world. We'll see if I find the spoons to deal with it. If so, more here. If not, then more of the same so far. *shrugs*

Hope things are going well for you all, and would love to hear how things are in your neck of the woods!

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